End of the 1st Quarter: Adjust Your Gameplan

After Week 4 in the NFL, we have reached the quarter-way marker through the fantasy season. Where does your team stand? Are you 4-0 and bragging about early season dominance, or 0-4 and sobbing gently in bed at night?

Maybe you had the foresight before the season to draft impact rookies like RG3 or Trent Richardson who have so far rewarded owners who took a chance. Maybe you were lucky enough to get a top 3 pick and snag Arian Foster, or pick up Matt Ryan at a bargain. If this is you, congratulations, you are probably rocking and rolling.

Then again, maybe you are facing one of the following scenarios and have had a tough time trying to get wins:

Busts:Did you, like many other eager owners, burn a valuable first round draft pick on Chris Johnson? Frustrated that even Brandon Weeden has more fantasy value than Mark Sanchez so far?

Injuries:Are you in trouble with Hakeem Nicks’ persistent injury keeping the star WR on your bench as he tries to get healthy? What will you do now that Santonio Holmes might miss multiple games too?

There are plenty of excuses to make for a poor first quarter of the season, but it’s time to turn it around. Here are a few strategies to help right the ship, correct the course, and lead you to more points and less headaches:

Browse the free agent market:

Brian Hartline (WR – MIA) – Ryan Tannehill might not be an elite passer, but he has managed to connect with Hartline early and often this season. Nobody drafted this guy, snatch him up and give him a shot if he is still available.

Jackie Battle (RB– SD) – Ryan Mathews returned from his preseason injury to start weeks 3 and 4, but Battle has been an unsung hero for the Bolts, not only getting touches and grinding out yardage, but catching passes and scoring a few touchdowns in the process .

James Jones (WR – GB) – The nagging groin injury keeping Greg Jennings down means JJ will see a lot more targets alongside Jordy Nelson in the Packers’ passing offense. He may be hanging around waiting for a loving owner to take him home for the next few weeks.

Owen Daniels (TE – HOU) – Although the Texans are a run-first offense, Daniels is the go-to target for Matt Schaub, and he has gotten hot, scoring a pair of touchdowns in weeks 3 and 4. If you don’t already have a Jimmy Graham or Rob Gronkowski, you need Daniels’ help.

Trade your way to the top:

If you are sitting on a deep running game and are lacking a quality QB or a stud WR, search through your competitions’ rosters for someone who has the exact opposite problem. Fantasy football is highly competitive, but successful owners work together to fill needs when the outlook gets bleak. Don’t be scared to involve a third owner for a multi-team trade to help everyone get the player they need. You may be making your competition slightly stronger, but you must do what it takes to get your own roster right if you want to have the chance to win.

Cross your fingers and wait it out:

If you think you have all the right pieces and things just haven’t come together for you yet, or if you’ve already tried everything else to no avail, you can always just attempt to weather the storm. Your dud RB might have a big week and spark a resurgence in his game, or your desperate waiver wire pickup could break out as a new fantasy star. Stranger things have happened.

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