Week 12 Daily Fantasy Football Running Back Report

Arian Foster ($8600): neutral

Foster missed last week’s game with a groin injury, but early reports have him playing this week. scoutPRO will upgrade him when he returns to practice or we have a better update. The Bengals continue to struggle against the RB position (30+ fantasy points allowed in 5 of their last 7 games). Cincinnati only allowed 2.9 yards per rush last week, which was an improvement over their recent trend, but they allowed 16 receptions to RB’s-Upside matchup if he crawls back on the field with some injury risk.


Week 12 Daily Fantasy Football Quarterback Report

Aaron Rodgers ($9900)- solid play based on matchup not salary

Rodgers has been masterful in 2014. Aaron has 18 TD’s in his 5 home games (10 in 5 road games). In week 5, he threw for only 156 yards and 3 TD’s on 17 pass attempts against the Vikings as Green Bay was up 35-0 after 2+ quarters. Minnesota is coming off their worst game of the season against the QB position (330 yards and 3 TD’s), and the Vikings has allowed 6 passing TD’s in their 4 home games this year (NE, ATL, DET, and WAS). Rodgers has a high floor, which makes him an attractive play in any week, but game score has restricted his explosive upside at time-Why look any further?


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Week 11 Daily Fantasy Football Tight End Report

Rob Gronkowski ($7500): solid play based on matchup not salary

Gronk is the highest scoring TE despite a slow start to the season in his recovery from his offseason surgery. In his last 5 game, Rob has 49 targets, which led to three 100 yards (36/516 yards and 5 TD’s). In his last 2 games, Gronkowski has caught 18 of his 19 targets. The Colts have allowed 6 TD’s to TE’s with 2 teams scoring more than 24 fantasy points (Denver – 8/112 and 3 TD’s – Pittsburgh – 7/112 and 1 TD)-Complete monster who needs a huge game for the Pats to win.


Week 11 Daily Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Report

Demaryius Thomas ($8600): best matchup without salary implications

Thomas has 6 straight 100 yard receiving games with 5 TD’s and 74 targets (12.3 per game), and he has 52 catches in his last 6 games with 861 yards. Demaryius is on a pace for 116 catches for 1781 yards with 11 TD’s. The Rams have allowed 5 teams to score over 40 fantasy points from the WR position (120/1498 and 11 TD’s). Their best CB E.J. Gaines has allowed 28/47 for 302 yards and 1 TD. The Rams have found their pass rush in their last 4 games (16 sacks), but Manning will make quick decisions which may lead to big scoring plays. Thomas is due to score and St. Louis doesn’t have enough talent in the secondary to defend him-High Upside with multi TD upside.


Week 11 Daily Fantasy Football Running Back Report

Arian Foster ($8500): neutral

Foster left his game in week 9 with a groin injury. He is listed as questionable this week, but he is expected to play. Arian has six 100 yard rushing games (5 on the road) with 10 TD’s in 8 games. The Browns were crushed by RB’s over the first 3 games of the season (734 yards with 5 TD’s and 20 catches), but they have been much better against RB’s in the last  games (no TD’s and 379 yards and 4 catches – weak opponents). Solid resume, but his health brings in downside risk. Cleveland can be beat on the ground-Possible.


Week 11 Daily Fantasy Football Quarterback Report

Andrew Luck ($10,000): solid play based on matchup not salary

Luck has delivered 6 winning scores this season in 9 games, and he has 7 straight 300 yard passing games with 6 games with 3 TD’s or more. Andrew is averaging 43.7 pass attempts per game. Last year Luck threw for 331 yards and 2 TD’s with 4 Int’s against New England. The Patriots have fallen to league average in QB defense after allowing 787 yards and 5 TD’s in the last 2 weeks. New England has a solid CB in Revis, but the Colts have too many weapon for Luck to struggle in this game. He is rated as the top QB on the week with his salary as the only negative factor.


Week 10 Daily Fantasy Football Tight End Report

Martellus Bennett ($5600): neutral

Bennett is the 2nd highest scoring TE this season with 5 games of value in his 8 starts.  He has one 100 yard receiving game and 5 TD’s.  In week 4, Martellus had 9 catches for 134 yards on 11 targets against the Packers.  Bennett is averaging just over 8 targets per game, and Green Bay has faded against the TE over the last 2 weeks (6/188 and 2 TD’s – Olsen and Graham). Game score should work in his favor, but he stills needs a TD to have value- Possible, but he did miss practice in Friday with a rib issue


Week 10 Daily Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Report

Antonio Brown ($8700): best matchup without salary implications

Brown delivered his 4th impact game last week when he caught 11 passes for 144 yards and 1 TD, and he has 8th straight games with double digit targets (103 on the year – 11.4 per game).  Antonio has 84 or more yards receiving in every game (100+ yards 5 times with 8 TD’s). This season Brown has only scored 2 TD’s in his 4 road starts, but last year he had 9 catches for 86 yards on 11 targets on the road against the Jets.  New York has allowed 24 passing TD’s (9 to WR’s) with only 1 Int. Their top 3 CB’s have allowed 73/105 (69.2 discount viagra usa) for 1023 yards and 9 TD’s. The Jets really don’t have an answer for Antonio.


Week 10 Daily Fantasy Football Running Back Report

Matt Forte ($10,000): solid play based on matchup not salary

Forte has 4 straight impact games (34.60, 37.70, 28.90, and 33.80), which has led to a huge salary explosion.  For some reason, his value is $1400 more than Murray despite similar points scored. In week 4, Matt had 171 combined yards with 5 catches vs. Green Bay, and over his last 4 games, he has 6 TD’s (none in the first 4 games) and 34 catches (24 in weeks 1-4). The Packers have allowed 5 teams score over 26 fantasy points in PPR league from the RB position (10 RB TD’s and 4.8 yards per rush)-Exciting option, but he’ll need a high 30+ point game to earn his salary.